Virtual HMI module

The Virtual HMI module for the PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 enables an improved analysis of operating sequences through subsequent HMI visualization from recorded process data. The HMI visualization can also be performed live during acquisition.

This is extremely helpful in clarifying plant accidents involving human operators. The alternative view on the process data, e.g. that of a crane, which is made possible by the subsequent HMI visualization, makes it easier to identify the faulty operation that could lead to the accident. The position of joysticks (“master switches”), buttons and important parameters, such as load or wind speed, are visible at a glance – much more intuitive than when viewing the process signals over the time axis.

The HMI visualization can be displayed next to the time history of the process data (PLC signals) and the video track. All window contents are displayed synchronously, i.e. if, for example, the signal cursor is moved in the process data, the changes in the HMI visualization (operation) and the video image at this point are immediately visible.

The knowledge gained from the use of the Virtual HMI module is also highly interesting for training and optimization purposes with regard to plant operation.

In contrast to a video capturing solution, the Virtual HMI module requires practically no additional memory since the HMI display is based on the recorded process data.

The individual HMI signal window can be easily designed with the integrated editor. All common operating elements and displays can be freely positioned and color-coded. In this way, user interfaces of machines and systems of all kinds can be easily reproduced.

Check Icon Alternative view on machine data:
Virtual HMI module for PLC-ANALYZER pro 6

Technical features

Virtual HMI module for PLC-ANALYZER pro 6
part # ANA6800E

  • HMI visualization from recorded process data
  • Alternative, intuitive view on machine data
  • Practically no additional memory needed
  • Integrated easy to use editor
  • All common HMI elements and displays, such as buttons, joysticks, linea gauge, radial gauge …