Special-UPS 24 V DC (maintenance free) for BLACKBOX 4 Edge  (part # UPS24MFE)

Protects the BLACKBOX against failure of the 24 V DC power supply. If the power supply fails for a longer period of time, the BLACKBOX is automatically shut down in a controlled manner and automatically restarted when the power supply returns. For mounting on 35 mm DIN rail, input 24 V DC (22 ~ 29 V), output 24 V DC, incl. software and USB cable, configured ready-to-use when ordered with BLACKBOX 4 Edge.

Accessories for PLC-ANALYZER pro / BLACKBOX

Technical features

  • Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail
  • Input 24 V DC (22 ~ 29 V)
  • Output 24 V DC
  • incl. software and USB cable