S5 LAN (Ethernet Gateway for S5 PG-Interface) (part # ANA1540E)

S5 Ethernet-connection without expensive communication-processor. Connect one to programming-interface S5 and the other end (RJ45-plug) to 10/100 MBit Ethernet TCP/IP, virtual COM-port on PC-site by supplied driver software PLC-(Multi)VCOM

Accessories for PLC-ANALYZER pro / BLACKBOX

Technical features

  • Fastest installation to the network of every SIMATIC S5
  • Reading and writing of S5-data (E, A, M, DB, Z, T) via TCP/IP
  • Programming with STEP 5 via Ethernet
  • Simultaneous programming and visualisation possible (integrated multiplexer function)
  • Power supply from the S5-PLC or ext. 24 V connection
  • DHCP / Auto-IP supported
  • Driver-DLL for windows available, EXCEL und WORD can read/write S5-data
  • Compatible with VIPA S5-TCP/IP driver
  • Direct operation with WinCC via TCP/IP driver S5 Layer4 possible
  • With WinCC Flexible (e. g. MP377, TPTP177B) via S7-TCP/IP to the SIMATIC S5 (CP-343-1 compatible)
  • Data exchange between S5 – S5 and S5 – S7 via TCP/IP
  • RK 512 and TCP/IP H1-ISO-On-TCP RFC1006 (CP1430 TCP) supported
  • Versions: 3964R-LAN, ASCII-LAN, PG-LAN, as RS232-version and for MUX757
  • Power supply: 24 V/DC +/- 20%
  • Power consumption: 2 Watt
  • Display: status-LED
  • Handling/Configuration:
    • reset-switch-key (factory setting)
    • S5-LAN Manager
  • Interfaces:
    • to PLC: TTY/20 mA current loop (S5-LAN passiv PLC aktiv)
    • to PD/PC: 10/100 BaseTX RJ45-ethernt jack
  • Operating temperature range: 5 ~ 55°C
  • Case: ABS-plastic case
  • Dimensions: 42 x 15 x 65 mm