Digitale Leckstromzange

Digital Leakage Current Clamp (part # APT5070E)

for detection of improper shield currents resulting from earthing, equipotential bonding or EMC problems, 40 – 1,000 Hz, MIN/MAX, DATA HOLD, ever-ready case, measuring cables (fits in empty compartment of aluminum case for PROFIBUS-Tester V5)

Accessorie for PROFIBUS®-Tester V5

Technical features

  • Differential current measurement
  • Leakage current measurement
  • Voltage and resistance measurement
  • Frequency range for alternating current / voltage 40 Hz … 1kHz
  • Acoustic continuity test
  • MIN/MAX and relative value measurement
  • Manual measuring range selection
  • Integrated measured value memory (Data Hold)
  • Additional bar display
  • Pliers opening 30 mm
  • Auto-Power-Off