Fault localization in fieldbus networks Data Sheet

Areas of application

  • Installation, commissioning and inspection
  • Troubleshooting and field device testing
  • Analysing sporadic errors
  • Optimization and protocol analysis
  • Preventive maintenance, service
  • Documentation and acceptance testing
    The PROFIBUS-Tester V5 is a powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for testing the cables, measuring the signals and analyzing the communication of PROFIBUS networks. Battery-powered and with an integrated graphical display it allows direct display of measurement results in stand-alone mode. In addition, the PROFIBUS-Tester V5 supports the export of test results for advanced analysis. Measuring functions
  • Analysis of bus physics, communication
  • Cable tester
  • Signal test
  • Protocol and frame analysis
  • Storage oscilloscope
  • Topology-Scan
  • Long-term trend
  • Live-Status of all bus devices
  • Master simulator

  • Operating in stand-alone mode the PROFIBUS-Tester V5 immediately gives an overview of the cable (segment length, unwanted reflections, bus termination…), the bus status and the signal quality. The cable test provides a detailed failure description and an estimation of the distance between failure and test location. The PROFIBUS-Tester V5 allows full testing of live PROFIBUS segments with minimum influence on their operation. The integrated master simulator allows bus testing, even if the PLC is currently not in operation. Also single "suspicious" bus devices can be checked. Special features
  • Built-in battery for stand-alone operation
  • Graphical display
  • Network status assessment at the push of a button (also continuous measurement)
  • Extended PC-based diagnostics
  • Generation of detailed test reports describing the actual status of the PROFIBUS network
  • Easy to use for less experienced users as well as for specialists

  • For long-term tests PROFIBUS-Tester V5 can remain stand-alone at the measuring location without PC. The tool reliably detects and analyses even transient faults that occur only sporadically. The PROFIBUS-Tester V5 helps to save commissioning time. In addition, regular preventive tests ensure continuous reliable operation and increase plant availability. However, if a problem occurs, PROFIBUS-Tester V5 will locate the reason quickly and reliably. Unplanned system downtimes will be minimized. The included software "PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite" creates test reports of the current status of the PROFIBUS system in no time. The optional feature "oscilloscope function" allows an informative oscilloscope display even in stand-alone mode without a PC.
    The included software "PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite" allows the visualising and detailed analysis of measurement results on the PC. Device and software are easy to operate. So even less experienced users can achieve excellent measuring results. Scope of delivery
  • PROFIBUS-Tester V5
  • Wide-range power supply for Europe and USA
  • D-sub PROFIBUS adapter cable
  • USB cable
  • Terminal block for trigger input/output
  • "Getting started" guide
  • PC-Software „PROFIBUS-Diagnostics Suite“ CD
  • User manual
  • Practical aluminum case
  • License oscilloscope-function:
    P/N APT5005E: included / APT5000E: w/o
  • Optional accessories
  • PROFIBUS-PA Adapter
    Enables the measurement of PROFIBUS-PA networks with PROFIBUS-Tester V5
    (Art.-Nr. APT5010E)
  • Reaction optimized PROFIBUS D-Sub adapter cable
    especially for measurement during operation
    (Art.-Nr. APT5020E)
  • Adapterset for M12-connection technology
    for connecting field devices with M12-connectors,
    incl. terminating resistor
    (Art.-Nr. APT5050E)
  • Digital Leakage Current Clamp
    for detection of improper shield currents resulting from earthing, equipotential bonding or EMC prob-
    lems, 40 - 1,000 Hz, MIN/MAX, DATA HOLD, ever-ready case, measuring cables (fits in empty compart-
    ment of aluminum case for PROFIBUS-Tester V5)
    (Art.-Nr. APT5070E)
  • 5 pcs. D-Sub-service adapter PROFIBUS-DP
    The D-sub service interface provides an access point for testing PROFIBUS networks if the existing D-sub connectors have no service socket or if bus stations are connected via a terminal block. It is rail mounted like a terminal block and supplied with 24 VDC by an external power source, 90° angled PROFIBUS connector with screw terminal technology and a switchable terminating resistor included
    (Art.-Nr. APT5085E)
  • 5 pcs. M12- service adapter PROFIBUS-DP
    M12 T-connector (IP68), sealing cap for service jack of T-piece and 1m PROFIBUS-DP cable with
    (Art.-Nr. APT5095E)